Crew boat

Welsh Towing Company Growth Continues

Holyhead Towing has added another boat to its diverse fleet of tugs and workboats. Like most of the vessels in the fleet, the Afon Alaw is named after a river on the Island of Anglesey where the company's home port is located. (Afon is Welsh for river.


Marine Jet Drives Offer Unique Advantages

In the late 1950's a company, Buehler, used patent and manufacturing rights from New Zealander John Hamilton to produce a line of water jet propelled boats and larger jet units which gained limited acceptance in the commercial and military fields.


A portfolio of some important inland and offshore shallow-draft vessels and rigs built during 1985—selected for their high standards of design or performance ANDREW FLETCHER Offshore Shipbuilding The passenger vessel Andrew Fletcher was delivered

CMR: Monitoring is Control

CMR, which offers specialized systems for monitoring industrial and marine engine parameters, introduces the Clarine line to the marine industry, including the Clarine Marine Rack 101, which provides several advantages to shipbuilders. CMR's Clarine

The SatCom Shakeout

The satellite communications sector of the marine market has not been immune from the corporate consolidations that have swept all other corners of the industry, and while this particular niche has been widely regarded as fragmented, it is yet

Trinity Marine Group Delivers Two Crew Boats To Saudi Arabia

Halter Marine, Inc., of the Trinity Marine Group, has completed a three-boat contract with the delivery of two identical 101-foot, allaluminum crew boats to Marine and Transportation Services, Saudia (LTD) Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The new boats, the Atco Marwa and Atco Daina,

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