Action Threaded Products Offers 20-Page Color Brochure On Non-Corrosive Fasteners

Action Threaded Products, Inc., is offering a free 20-page color brochure on their extensive line of non-corrosive fasteners, including: lock nuts, hex head cap screws, socket cap screws, wood screws, lag screws, studs, etc.

The color publication, complete with a table of contents, is divided into 13 sections, with information on the more than 20,000 stainless steel, aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, monelâ„¢ and nylon fasteners in stock at Action Threaded Products. Each section contains a brief description on the advantages of certain fastener materials and drawings of the various fasteners offered in that material.

For example, in the section on stainless steel fasteners, the text explains the surface phenomenon known as passivity which gives stainless steel its corrosion-resistant property. In addition, more than 40 line drawings of fasteners are included in the section.

Included in the brochure are a corrosion guide (which will assist a user in selecting the most suitable metal to use in contact with chemicals, acids and other substances); chemical specifications charts; mechanical specifications table; torque guide; and thread guide.

Several fine color photographs showing Action Threaded Products fasteners, warehouse facilities and staff are included.

For your free copy of this handsome and informative brochure from Action Threaded Products, C i r c l e 6 6 o n R e a d e r S e r v i c e C a rd

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